Adventure Lives Here


There are many companies like us, but there is only one where you will be led by a combat soldier.  

Why make Kokoda an expensive bushwalk when it can be the emotionally challenging experience that you desire.

See Kokoda through the eyes of a Soldier. 

  1. Groups Welcome
    Do you have a group of six or more? Contact us to obtain a package deal to suit you and your budget.
  2. Individuals
    We do our best to match you with other people of similar age, experience and interests. We aim to ensure you feel welcomed.
  3. Porter Services
    Want a porter to carry your pack? We comply with the Kokoda Track Authority on porter loads and wages,
  4. Safety
    Trekking with 100% Kokoda is completely safe. We hire local porters and stay at the safest camp sites. There are no risks when you trek with us.
  1. Always smiling
  2. I wonder if she come back for a third trek?
  3. We swim in some spectacular water holes
  4. Stunning sunsets
The difference between companies is the person that leads you across the track

You wouldn't do a first aid course with someone that read about first aid in a book, you'd want a Paramedic, a Nurse or a Doctor - a medical professional. 

Why do Kokoda with someone that read about soldiering and history from a book? 

See Kokoda through the eyes of a soldier, with somone that has combat experience, has trained to be a soldier, studied tactics, strategy and someone that can help you see the history through the eyes of the diggers.

Anything less than this is not an emotional connection, it's an expensive bushwalk