Training Camps

Want to make sure that you are fully prepared for your journey or want to have a taste of 100% Kokoda before you commit to trekking?
Why not join us for one of our Training Camps! 
Presentations from your Guide; spend as much time as you like asking the questions that you want answered. If you're not yet sold on Treking with us, our camps give you the opportunity to spend a day or a whole weekend to see if we are the right fit for you before committing.  Why not start your journey anxiety free, knowing  who we are and what you can expect from us on your adventure.
Presentations on equipment from Adventure Specialists. We help you to obtain discounted rates on gear from major stockists.  We educate you on packs, walking poles, sleeping equipment, boots and more!  Don't get lost in the world of unnecessary equipment, on our camps we take you shopping and assist you in buying the gear that you need, saving you $$$
Receive presentations from our team of Nutritional specialists on all of your hiking hydration requirements. Receive product samples and discounted products to help you hydrate effectively in training and on the track. Receive presentations from previous trekkers to guide you on what to expect from 100% Kokoda, PNG and the track based on their experiences.

Training Camp Dates and Costs

Our Camps help you to obtain all the information that you require to feel comfortable and confident before setting off on your journey. We spend two days training you on strength and balance; you will patricipate in seminars on nutrition and equipment plus hear from and speak to previous trekkers on their experiences, we even take you hiking so you see how fast and far we trek on the Trail.

You receive product samples plus receive discounted rates on all of your equipment from major outlet stores. 

Spend two days with us and receive all of this for only $200 per person!

Contact us today to book your place in the destination of your choice! 

Training Camp thoughts with Helen Higgins

Training Camp thoughts with Bernie Andrews

Watch video on the Melbourne Camp from 23 -25 June

Watch the video on the Brisbane Camp 30 Jun - 01 Jul

Melbourne Training Camp 08 - 09 Feb 2019

South Coast NSW Training Camp 15 - 16 Feb 2019

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Brisbane 22- 23 Feb 2019

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